So I had a wacky Supernatural dream last night in which Sam and Dean switched bodies somehow and came to me for help. Throughout the whole dream me and Dean (who was in Sam's body) were making fun of Sam (in Dean's body) for making Dean's face keep doing whiny bitchfaces. All in all it was a pretty hilraious dream.

Hope to Haiti part 2

 All of the proceeds for my art will go to Hope to Haiti and Random Acts of Kindness. If you have another idea for some artwork pass it by me or if you don't want art at all then you can certainly make a donation at www.crowdrise.com/hopetohaiti1/fundraiser/LizLeiss 

1. Everyone loves to get mail. I am offering to send you a package once a month for a year. This will include photography, writing, some presents, etc. The bidding starts at $50

2. Favorite poem. Send me your favorite poem (by you or anyone else) and I will use it to make a painting. This will be on an 11 X 14 canvas. The bidding starts at $20

3. Famous pets. I have done paintings of my cats before. I do them in the fashion of a famous painting. My cat who is always smiles was painted as Mona Lisa. Tell me your favorite painting (with a person or people in it) and send me a picture of the pet you want painted and I will paint it on an 11 X 14 canvas. The bidding starts at $50.

4. North Dakota postcards. For those of you that live in the lovely state of North Dakota I am making postcards out of some of my photography. Chose your picture out of the below pictures and I will make a postcard out of it. This will be packages of 5 postcards for $10. Pretty cheap if you ask me...

5. A set of three 5 X 7 photos matted and framed in a black 3 set frame. You chose your favorite three pictures and I will do the framing. The bidding starts at $50.

6. A set of two 16 X 20 photos matted and framed in two separate bronze frames. You chose your favorite two pictures and I will do the framing. The bidding starts at $100. 
7. Digital copy. You chose a photo and I will send you a digital copy so you can make it your wallpaper background on your computer. These will be $5 per picture. 
8. Any 5 X 7 photo of your choice. You chose the photo and I will frame it for you. $20 per picture.

9. Your very own photographer for a day. Do you have a beloved farm house? A favorite pet? or do you just want to get your vogue on? This is another one for my friends in North Dakota. I will spend a day with you photographing whatever you want. In the end I will put all of the pictures on a disc for your own use. The bidding starts at $50.
10. Any picture, any size. You chose the picture and I will print it out for you. No frame.
5 X 7 = $10
8 X 10 = $20
11 X 14 = $30
16 X 20 = $40
The pictures you can chose from are at the top and the bottom of this post. They will not have the watermark on them when you get your copy. There are also more pictures to chose from at s129.photobucket.com/albums/p236/me_and_themoon/photography/
Thank you for taking the time to donate anything you can to the cause in Haiti!
Love, Liz

Hope to Haiti
 I am part of a group that is going to Haiti in June. I need to collect donations. Haiti is no longer in the news so they need our help more now than ever. While in Haiti we will be building a recreation shelter. Please make a donation, no matter how small to www.crowdrise.com/lizleiss

Writer's Block: Boldly going
Which fictional world would you choose to visit, and why?

The world of Harry Potter of course. I want to be able to do magic and go to Hogwarts.

Doctor Who dream
 After all of the obsessing over DW I have never had a dream with him in it until last night. So yesterday I watched this show about fallen angels and this guy gets his wings cut off so I have this dream that I am getting married to David Tennant who is dressed like the Doctor and has a TARDIS but I was calling him "David" anyway, for some reason I had wings and they got cut off the night before my wedding so David was trying to nurse me back to health and then the wedding comes and this massive Spongebob-like godzilla creature tries to crash the party but luckily I have the Doctor to save me. The rest of the dream is rather explicit lol

music! i love these things...
 What song was #1 on the charts in your country when you were born?
"You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi

What was the first album you ever owned?
"Spice" by the Spice Girls, it was on cassette, I still have it somewhere

If you have iTunes, what are your top 3 songs by play count?
"A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch me'" by Fall Out Boy
"After the Last Midtown Show" by The Academy Is...
"Salty Eyes" by The Matches

What is the longest song in your collection?
"The Story so Far" by New Found Glory at 26:37

What's the shortest?
"One Last 'Whoo-hoo!' For The Pullman" by Sufjan Stevens at :06

Most recently added song?
the entire Supernatural seasons 1 - 5 soundtrack

What's the most embarrassing song in your collection?
"Wake me Up Before you Go-go" by Wham! it also happens to be in my top 25 played

Favorite workout song:
I don't really workout but Lady Gaga always makes me dance

Go-to emo song:
"Existentialism on Prom Night" by Straylight Run

The song you think you will dance to at your wedding/commitment ceremony:
idk, something by the great and powerful Andrew Mcmahon

Song that best describes you:
"Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship lol

The song you want played at your funeral:
hmmm something by Augustana

Favorite classical song:
so what if I played violin for 12 years of my life, I can't think of a favorite classical song

Favorite Beatles song:
it is impossible to choose just one but I prefer their older stuff so maybe "Hard Days Night" or "Can't Buy me Love"

Most obscure artist in your collection:
The Vexed is a local band that I absolutely love

Favorite cover version of a song:
Panic! at the Disco does a great cover of "Round Here" by Counting Crows

Song you sing when you are imagining you are a rock star:
"Guitar Hero" by Amanda Palmer

Favorite show tune:
surprisingly enough, I don't have many show tunes, basically anything from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Bounce around the room song:
"Bouncing off the Walls" by Sugarcult (see what I did there?)

A song that makes you cry:
"Globes and Maps" by Something Corporate or "Cigarettes and Coffee" by Augustana
I am an easy crier, Titanic had me sobbing the other day, total weenie 

Writer's Block: Favorite Music Video of All Time
What's your favorite music video of all time?

the bigger question is... whose answer ISN'T going to be Thriller?

Writer's Block: School daze
Do you have negative or positive associations with the beginning of the school year?

Well, the problem with the beginning of the school year for me was that I had such big expectations. I always thought "this year will be better," "maybe so and so will like me this year," or "maybe I will finally make a friend or get a boyfriend" but no, I was doomed to be a complete nerd throughout my whole school life. Oh wait, I am out of school and I am still a complete nerd. yikes.

I am having an uber crappy day, surveys make things better lol
› What song are you currently addicted to?
If Work Permits by The Format 

› What's your favorite season?
fall, the temperature is just right and all of the beautiful colors

› What’s the latest movie you watched?
Eat Pray Love, it was pretty good 

› What is the one skill you wish you had?
I have always wanted to be a singer but my voice is terrible

› What’s your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
oh the usual, supernatural, doctor who, harry potter

› What's your favorite musical instrument?
cello, I played violin but always admired the bigger, deeper sound from the cello

› What web sites do you always visit when you go online?
facebook, lj, hotmail. neatorama

› What was the last thing you bought?
dinner, i had an omelet and pancakes at Perkins 

› If you won 10,000 bucks today, what would you do with it?
I have a lot of bills that would be paid off like my car and school loans

› Favourite time of day?

› What's the last thing that made you happy?
seeing Something Corporate again after 6 years. soooooooooooooooo good. 

› Do you want to learn another language?
I really need to brush up on my spanish and I know old english pretty well so I think that is plenty enough for me 

› Five things you can’t live without.
my computer, my ipod, ice cream, my cats, my camera

Writer's Block: Ground Control to Major Tom
What kind of craft would you design to travel through time and space? How would it work? What would it look like?

EASY! It would be a TARDIS and the 10th doctor would man the controls and save the day.


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